The Bentley Hotel Weekend

Saturday 11th June, Joe and I are sat at the train station waiting to head into London, where we’ll be staying for his birthday tomorrow.

Tonight we’re staying at The Bentley Hotel in South Kensington. I’ve booked us the Date Night package, which comes with dinner and complementary wine and cocktails, breakfast the next morning and a 30 minute spa session.

Sat on the train, it starts looking gloomy. As we approach Waterloo, I can see The Shard, which I’ve got us tickets to The View for as a surprise for Joe.

As we pull in to Waterloo, we jump onto the tube to Gloucester Road and the gloomy sky has turned into a torrential downpour. And seeing as it’s June, I didn’t think to bring a jacket or umbrella while I walk around in a shirt dress and bare legs.¬†Luckily¬†there’s a little shop in the station selling umbrellas. They must have seen the rained-on, desperate tourists as they’re going for a fiver. Oh well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Huddled under our new buy, we’re only a short walk away from our hotel. The reception is pretty grand, with a chandelier hanging over a huge table in the entrance. Unlike most receptions where there’s a desk for you to quickly check in, there are big wooden desks with seats for you to sit in and sign your life away.IMG_0804

We’re given our keys (real life keys!) and we head to our room. I’ve booked us the Queen Suite so I’m excited. The first thing I notice is the little sign on the door saying that smoking is permitted in this room. You don’t see that very often.IMG_0819

On entrance to our room, we’re in our own little hallway, which then opens up into a living room with a sofa, chair, chaise lounge, a huge TV and a chandelier above. It also has a huge writing desk. If it wasn’t Joe’s birthday and I didn’t have to pay him all of my attention, I’d definitely just be writing.

The lounge leads into the bedroom, the bathroom and a small room where the safe is and dry cleaning stuff is kept. The bathroom is marbled and pretty with a jetted bathtub and a walk-in shower. It also has one of those toilets with the flush that has about 100 settings.IMG_0813

The bedroom follows the blue theme of the living room with a huge bed with a seat at the foot of the bed and another huge TV. I go to look out one of the bedroom windows to find that it has a pretty huge crack in it. Oh. Well that’s a bit of a downside.

Now we’re here, we’re hungry. It’s about 3:30, so we have plenty of time before we need to head to The Shard. And I have an idea of where we can go. For a few months I’ve been wanting to try Freakshakes so we head out to Covent Garden where they sell them at a bar and grill called Maxwell’s. We take a seat up at the bar and I order the salted caramel donut shake. When it arrives, it is an absolute tower. It has cream, a donut, caramel sauce and marshmallows as well as the milkshake itself. What have I done?! I power through (with some help from Joseph) and destroy the donut and the marshmallows, but the cream was just too much. And the shake. Oh God. It’s too much.

Now I’ve sufficiently overdosed on sugar and made myself feel sick, it’s time for a wander around. I manage to drag us around some makeup shops and we watch a few street performers and buskers before heading to an emergency Five Guys because Joe is still hungry. After destroying a hot dog he’s finally ready to head back to the station.IMG_0791

I haven’t told him where we’re going or even what station we’re headed to. He is completely clueless. Yes, I’ve actually managed to keep it completely quiet. The further into our journey to London Bridge station we get, the more questions he starts asking. As we arrive, there are signs pointing to different exits with the attraction listed. As soon as I direct us towards our exit, he makes the connection and gets all excited and bouncy.

We queue up and head inside through the airport-like levels of security. And then we get into the fastest lifts ever, up to the top floors. We wander around for a while, dodging the crowds before we head upstairs to the more open floor.IMG_0796

It’s been turned into a garden complete with astroturf, flower boxes and of course, a bar serving Pimms. Amazing. It’s super summery up here and nice, so we pick a spot and take a seat, watching London do it’s thing. We sit and take photos and chat until 7pm, which is pretty good considering our tickets were only from 6-6:30. And we got here early. Definitely worth the money.IMG_0786

Back at the hotel, I have about 45 minutes to get ready for dinner down in the restaurant. I pull out my Naked Smokey palette and get to work.

The restaurant is small but very pretty with a mosaic floor and grand furniture, even ifit is a bit worn. I order fishcakes for a starter which comes with an incredible lime mayo, followed by pork belly for a main. We receive a complementary cocktail and glass of wine each and it’s all pretty damn good. By the time we get to dessert, I can’t handle any more rich food, so I have to have a fruit salad while Joe gets a nice cheesecake. I’m jealous.IMG_0802

We roll back to our room after our feast and choose our complementary film for our room. We go for Batman vs Superman, y’know, some light, easy watching before bed. Somehow it actually works and before long, we’re both out cold.

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