Holiday Haul!

This year I’ve tried not to go too mad with holiday clothes. Living in England, I don’t tend to see the sun that often, so why buy dozens of pretty dresses? Luckily I haven’t changed shape much since last year, so I’m pretty much good to go. This year I’ve been determined to shop lightly.IMG_0640

Ann SummersIMG_0661

Personally, I absolutely love Ann Summers. In recent years they’ve changed their image to a high street shop that can genuinely look high end. This year they’ve got Geordie queen Vicky Pattinson as the face of their Summer of Love swimwear range and I’m excited. My first though of the collection is…bright. Plenty of bold colours like reds, bright pinks and neon greens, it’d be hard to get lost wearing of those bad boys.IMG_0662

I pick up the Julep bikini, peach coloured with soft triangle cups and little gold tassles. It’s has a subtly contrasting mesh outlining the plain peach material with the same effect on the bottoms. I was slightly concerned about the mesh not quite covering everything that needed to be covered, but this wasn’t a problem. I got a size 12 on top and bottom, which covers my DDs well and the side-tie bottoms help me out that lil bit extra.IMG_0653

I also peeked into the sleepwear section and found the super delicate and pretty Oriental Cami Set. It comes in two parts, a high racer-neckline and a pair of mini shorts.The material is semi-sheer and black, covered in a bright print of flowers and tiny birds. I got this in a size 10 instead of a 12 because I don’t really need any support in this and it doesn’t really matter if the shorts are a bit cheeky, still super cute and super beautiful.IMG_0655


IMG_0898Primark always has (and always will be) my holiday go-to. For EVERYTHING. On my mission are shorts and bikinis. I’m in desperate need of some denim shorts since the last pair I owned, about three years ago, was a size 16, a bit too big for my now size 10-12 frame. I find two pairs, black mini-shorts and white high-waisted ones. Pretty much your denim shorts staples. I got them both in size 10 because as I’ve recently discovered, baggy denim when it’s not supposed to be, isn’t particularly flattering. Luckily, they’re pretty true to size, shorts that finally fit.IMG_0902

IMG_0670I also manage to find a nice bikini with soft triangle cups. I usually have trouble with finding them as a large percentage of bikinis I find tend to be padded. So it’s going well! It’s a white bikini with blue aztec-esque patterns embroidered and small studs. But here’s where I made a boo boo. In my excitement I picked up the bottoms without looking properly at the size. They’re a 6. Oops. So funnily enough, they’re a bit tight, but they have tie-sides and a lil bit of extra cheek never hurt anyone!IMG_0673

Miss Selfridge

I wasn’t even looking for anything, we were meant to be shopping in Topman for Joe, but when I saw this body, I knew. It had to be mine. I love the detailing over the mesh, maybe because it reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys artwork for AM (comparison courtesy of best friend Kayla) . I picked up a size 10 and it fit perfectly, which was great because it was the only 10 left. I just love it so much oh my god. Great for lounging around in on holiday, styling up, styling down, I’d wear it all the time if I could.IMG_0901.JPG


Right. Now I’ve always had trouble in H&M as I know a lot of women do. I picked up this strapless bikini in a size 12. I don’t often shop here anymore because of the sizing trouble, but the bikini top looked like there would be plenty of room. Oh how wrong I was. I could get in it with pretty minimal struggle, but once it was on, it was super unflattering. It was so tight that it flattened my boobs and squashed them out the top and sides. Not a good look. I looked as if I had four boobs. Definitely going back. Its a shame because the pattern and colour were really nice, but I just can’t trust H&M.IMG_0678

I did overall pretty well to not go overboard and not go anywhere near any other holiday clothes. What’s this? Self control? How odd.


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