Getting our tan on…

We’re ready by 8am for breakfast, and it’s absolutely amazing. We’re taken out to the balcony where we’re served fresh orange juice and tea or coffee and head out to the food.

And there’s so much choice. Cooked breakfast, continental breakfast, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, fruit, it never ends.

After sufficiently gorging ourselves, we head back to the room to pack a pool bag and we move downstairs to sun ourselves up.

The main pool is a super short walk from our room considering you can see it from the balcony. It’s super quiet and peaceful and very pretty. We jump straight in the pool to a pretty unwelcome surprise. It’s saltwater. Well, we are on an island, I guess it makes sense.

We’re in and out of the pool all day, but Joe insists that you don’t need more suncream after you get out the pool. Well, enjoy looking like an unhappy lobster kiddo.

It gets to about 2pm and we start getting hungry. Time to go and investigate the 3 in 1, Italian, Greek and barbeque restaurant. The Greek restaurant, Lachania, has a really good deli-style menu with club sandwiches and omelettes at about €8-10, a nice (cheap) lunch snack. I think this is definitely the place to eat. By the time we finish up, it’s about 3:30 and  all this laziness is making us tired, so we head up to the room for a break from the burning sun and a nap.


All super healthy, home-grown fruit and veg!

I wake up to the sound of more German music, Joe’s awake then. We lounge around a bit longer, discovering Nickelodeon on our TV. Oh, childhood.

The sun is starting to go down, so this seems the perfect time to open our bottle of complementary wine and have a nice jacuzzi bath, wine in hand. This is definitely holiday now. After I emerge all clean and soft and unsalted, I start getting ready for dinner. Now I’m far away from the people that know me, I can be all girly and bring out the floor length dresses. Even Joe looks surprised. We head back to the 3-in-1 for some nice Italian dinner. I have the beef tortellini and regret it when it comes with some sad brown asparagus. I’m going to need a lot of parmesan for this. When we finish, the waiter comes to collect our plates and looks at my practically full bowl and asks if I didn’t like it. So I do the very British think and lie, saying that I just couldn’t finish it. You can take the girl out of England…

We finish up and head back to our room, away from the football fans screaming at the Poland v Portugal Euro match. Saying that, we can still hear them from our balcony. At least we’ll always know when there’s a goal. Joe flicks between music and football while I write, until my laziness gets the better of me and I pass out, pen still in hand. I keep waking up as Joe wanders in and out, apparently he can’t sleep. No more afternoon naps for him then. Eventually he settles down and I drift off into a super heavy sleep.

The next day we decide to try the beach, so after another super filling breakfast, we get together a beach bag and walk down to the sea front. We find ourselves an umbrella with a nice couple of sun loungers (even the sun loungers are nice here, none of those white plastic ones to be seen) and make our way into the sea. What I didn’t think about was whether we would need rock shoes. Apparently they would have been a good idea. Because oh my god the pebbles hurt. And the big rocks move and the sea already scares me, since the jellyfish incident of 2012, so this is already a traumatic experience for me. Oooh a fish. At least the sea is super clear and pretty, I can just latch onto Joe as he floats around and has the time of his life.


What more could I want?

I eventually let go of Joe and attempt to get out. But oh god the pebbles. I just give up and sit down, which of course, Joe finds hilarious, naturally. Eventually I crawl out and make it to the bar for two Sex on The Beaches.

Back out on the sand, I try and stay out the sun. It feels hotter down here, plus I won’t be going back in the sea to cool off any time soon. After Joe takes another dip in the sea and falls over getting out (YES), I persuade him to let us go back up to the pool.

As soon as we get up to the poolside it feels cooler and jumping straight in the pool, I feel much better.

After lunch Joe has the idea of buying some bats and a ball for the pool after seeing an old couple having a great time with them earlier. It lasts us for about an hour until Joe has a dodgy hit andd the ball vanishes into the garden for good. Well it looks like that game’s over then.


Chilling in his princess seat.

We head indoors and get showered and ready for dinner. Tonight we’re hitting up the Asian restaurant. It’s down by the beachfront again, next door to the seafood restaurant. As soon as we walk in, I see the best thing ever. A cat. I must befriend it. I get a crispy duck fillet which is absolutely incredible, followed by some super healthy fried ice cream. What diet? All this while talking to restaurant cat and making him love me. Success. Until the coffee liquor makes it’s return. Ruuunnn….


  1. July 23, 2016 / 5:20 pm

    Lovely post! I haven’t stumbled on this sort of narrated blog on my WordPress travels so far. I like it a lot, actually. The holiday sounds like a wonderful time, despite the tortellini.

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