Weekly Trivia

So I’ve decided to start a weekly series of my goings on, just what I’ve been up to, which will probably encourage me to be a bit more exciting. Honestly, if I bore you out of your skulls, let me know and I’ll just delete it and pretend nothing ever happened…img_1264

This week is PROBABLY not a good time to start, but here we go. This time a week ago, I was up in Coventry (if you have me on Snapchat, I’m so sorry), visiting my brother from another mother Jonny. My first night out with Jonny on his own turf and oh my god. While I wasn’t the most sober I’ve ever been (understatement of the year), at least it wasn’t me that went home in the ambulance. Tino I’m looking at you. Never mix whisky and vodka kids. Ever. We started at his house playing some dangerous drinking games, before moving into the town to a club called Kasbah. I was super excited about this because I’d been promised that this club had poles in it and I was ready to show off my fresh new
skills, but no such luck. Definitely would have broken my leg or something anyway.

I learned these wonderfully basic skills at a pole fitness class called Mind, Body and Pole. It is SO much fun. Admittedly, it definitely stings a bit for a while, but I’ve been promised that after a while, the burning feeling on my poor skin will start to hurt less. Fantastic. Now I will be the first to admit that I HATE the gym, so its really good to find a way of exercising my ENTIRE body (honestly, the next day it felt like I’d been hit by a car), while having so much fun and embracing my femininityimg_1265 and having Heathens by Twenty One Pilots playing in the background. So happy.

This week however I had to miss it out, due to being struck by the plague. By plague, I mean a stomach bug and I didn’t think spinning myself round a pole was a particularly good plan. After two days off work, I get back to find a STACK of things to do. Half of that I’d never seen or done before. Oh the joys of interning. But it turns out, that as scary as SEO looks, in the nerdiest way, it’s actually so much fun. I promise I’m wild and cool. Promise.

What else has happened this week? Ah yes, the walking plot twist I am. Just a few days ago I posted about what’s been going on, and I mentioned that Joe and I had broken up and I was being a strong independent woman. Okay so while I was ill, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and sad so (because obviously that’s the solution) I text Joe. And it all just clicked and fell back into place very quickly. Nothing has been forgotten and we’re not back together, but we’re testing the water. And I’m excited. It seems that this week, I have everything I could ever have wanted. Love to see how next week turns out…

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