Weekly Trivia #3

I totally didn’t miss out last weeks… Okay well I did. But does my Hello November post count? Please say yes..

The last couple of weeks have been busy and chilled out at the same time. Do not ask me how, because I just don’t know. Work has been so much fun, I’m now permanently busy, which I know doesn’t sound great, but for me it’s perfect. I’ve started working on so many different parts of so many different clients while starting working on my Google Analytics Academy certificate. I know it sounds so nerdy to love doing a course and assessments but I think they’re so much fun and time goes so quick! And it’s definitely an excuse to head to Paperchase for a cat notepad because I’m making WAY too many notes.


Photo from Paperchase. I need it.

Last weekend I took my mum to IKEA for the first time and her mind was BLOWN. Now I absolutely love IKEA and every time I go I end up wanting to redecorate everything and buy out the whole shop, but mother was a skeptic. Oh how her mind was changed. We went to look for a wardrobe for my room and she was so confused that you could literally design one from scratch yourself. It was sweet (while slightly maddening) and now she wants me to take a day off work so we can spend a whole day there. Bless her.

Afterwards I rushed home to go and get ready for firework night, which you can see my look for here. We went to a big display in Wokingham, where I work (s0 nice to be back there on my weekend…) but I had a great time! There was a small funfair too with stalls for food, sweets, rides and games. I thought I’d leave the rides alone and head straight for the food. Just to warm my hands up if anything, it was bloody FREEZING. Note to self: buy ear muffs. Afterwards I stayed at Joe’s and we had a fat food and movie night and it was great. Who needs expensive dates when you can just buy a 12 box of Krispy Kremes and whack on Netflix. Job done.


It’s been too long since the last Brighton trip!

This week coming up will be SO good and I’m SO excited. I’m heading to Joe’s soon as my parents are kicking me out so they can have a party ahead of their 20th anniversary on the 16th, when they’ll be heading off to Rome for a few days. Which on one hand means I’ll have to adult for a while, but on another hand means Joe can come and stay and keep me company. Tomorrow Joe is off paint balling which gives me time to binge photograph everything for upcoming blog posts. How exciting. We’re talking glossy box, manicures, skincare routines, the works. I’m hoping if I take photos in bulk I won’t run out for a while. Could potentially be wishful thinking. And then it’s off to Brighton on Sunday, so please pray for sun for me!




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