November Glossybox!

This was literally like Christmas came early. I LOVED it. There was only one product I wasn’t sure about but I’ll get onto that because I am SO excited to ramble aimlessly about this beauty box.

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women in Raspberry Rain


First impressions of these were super excited, I currently have a subscription to Friction Free Shaving, so I was interested to see how these compared. What threw me off was the ‘flavour’. Where some shaving heads have scented soap around the blades, these, to my surprise, do not. So what’s scented, I hear you ask. The handle. The handle smells like raspberries. Don’t ask my why, just accept it and appreciate the berries. On the blade themselves, they have a rubber rim to pick up hairs and give you a super close shave and the head is SUPER flexible, meaning no more skinning your knees! These are super light and compact, so to me they would be PERFECT for travel.

Kiss Lashes in Hot







I have been searching high and low for natural looking lashes that still have an impact for SO long and look. They’ve just fallen into my lap. Happy days. The beauty of Kiss Lashes is they have a tapered end, meaning they actually look like real eyelashes, where others end at a bit of a…stump. In the style Hot, they’re super wispy and light and very subtle, perfect every day lashes if you’re into that. I am not into that and the FIGHT I had with them was unreal. I need a lot more practice. The glue however, I wasn’t so keen on. It didn’t seem as sticky or as strong as my Eyelure glue, so maybe I’ll have a mix and match to see what happens. Overall though, I totally love.

De Bruyere Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble


I honestly didn’t expect to like this but it’s like a piece of my soul that has been missing. It’s SO soft and creamy that it just glides on and it’s a super subtle grey-brown shimmer. My mum has her eye on it already. It makes a great base to a sultry smoky eye, which for the look below I’ve paired it with Buon Fresco and Cyprus Umber from my Modern Renaissance palette. This photo is also featuring the lashes from above. It all comes together.


111Skin Gold Brightening Facial Mask


And now from a decent photo to a not so decent photo. This was the one product I didn’t like. At all. It was SO oily that it was so hard to get on without making a massive mess and it just kept sliding down my face. I planned on being productive in my 20 minutes of mask time but I just had to lie there with my head back playing sims (okay I’m not really complaining about that), so it didn’t fall off. I also noticed that about 10 minutes in my chin and jawline started to itch, so I took it off a bit early but still patted in the remaining oil like the packed said to. I look in the mirror 10 minutes later and my face is covered in red itchy patches. Time to go wash my face then. It’s a no from me.

img_1952Totally a good look.

Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush

This is another beauty that I’ve been after that’s been sent to me from the angels above (royal mail). This is like the perfect middle ground to the two extremes of fluffy blending brushes I have. My Urban Decay one from my Alice Through the Looking Glass palette is super skinny and not that fluffy, while my Modern Renaissance one is extra fluffy but has plastic bristles. This is soft and sleek but still fluffy and holds SO much product, it’s just perfect.

And that’s that. Apart from the Rafaello chocolate I also got in the box that I gave to my dad because coconut is the devil. After this month, I have REALLY high hopes for next month. So you know. No pressure Glossybox.

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