Weekly Trivia #5

What a week it’s been! But firstly, I’VE HIT 200 FOLLOWERS! I know to most, that’s not many to most, but considering I’ve been blogging on and off for so long, it felt massive to reach an actual milestone! Just can’t help but be proud of myself! And it’s a good feeling.


But that’s not all I’ve done this week to be proud of, on Monday I had my last counselling session. It felt so strange. At the end, saying goodbye to my counsellor, I felt quite emotional, which was weird seeing as that’d been what I’d been trying to stop for the last six months. But it felt good. A year ago, I’d never have thought I’d end up in counselling, and six months I never thought I’d be out of counselling. But here I am. Standing on my own two feet and I think that’s probably the best start to my year possible.



To start our week, Joe and I went to our local arcade to totally waste our hard earned money on trying and failing to win tickets. Love it. Usually I’m INCREDIBLE at Crossy Roads, but this time, Joe found a game that really entertained him. You press a button and a ball drops and you have to just hope it goes into the right hole. Really. This amazed him. That and a big wheel with a really big lever to pull. Totally a grown up adult. But, with all our many millions of tickets we had the exact amount to get a colouring book and a packet of refreshers. I didn’t get any refreshers.

So in my down time I’ve spent a little bit of time colouring in fancy teapots, but mostly breaking my back with more yoga. I’ve just finished my second week of my six-week programme and I just can’t help but wonder where my Gigi Hadid abs are. I’ve actually bought myself a yoga mat now however, which means I really can’t give up now, because I’ve paid money for this fitness. But I’m really enjoying it. I’ve never looked forward to getting home from work to do a workout until now, it somehow keeps me motivated. Even when it does crash.


Overall, it’s been a bloody cracking week, but I have the feeling next week is going to be even better. I’m so motivated at the moment (let’s see how long that lasts), that I’m SO obsessed with blogging, I’m really excited to get properly stuck into my job, and I’m making a pie next Saturday. What could be better?!


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