Stationary Haul

Right, so for anyone that knows me, I’m a massive stationary freak. Paperchase is basically my second home. My nan once sent me out to buy myself some stuff for my birthday and I came back with a pencil pot and some pens. Cool right?

Except this Christmas I didn’t head to Paperchase, I discovered And I fell in LOVE. Their mix of products are girly AND useful and really, really pretty. What’s not to like?

I managed to pick up a LOAD of stuff, for use at work, to everyday use, to travel, it’s all fab.

12 Month Planner


Now I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for a diary. Partly so I don’t forget my dentist appointments and also because I like to be able to look back at stuff I’ve done. Now this one goes the whole way.

It’s full of super cool artwork designed by some serious lady boss artists and a load of stickers, which I wish there were more of. It has a month-by-month view as well as a weekly breakdown and LOADS of space for notes too. It actually makes making appointments fun, which is something I never thought would actually be possible, plus the pages are littered with a secret girl code to make you feel TOTALLY professional.


Complement Pencils


So I’d been looking for some pens and pencils to have on my desk at work and I knew I had to have these ones. You know when you just need a boost of confidence from your pencil? No? Well you can have it anyway! People at work TOTALLY question and judge me for having these pencils but I TOTALLY don’t care because they bring out my sassy confident side like “yeah pencil, you’re right, I am so smart, I can ace this report.” Plus some are shiny and I’m a magpie.


I Am Very Busy Ice Blue Notepad


Now I go through notepads SO quick, but this one is a LOT bigger to what I’m used to since it’s actually A4 instead of the usual A5 that I burn through like wildfire. So, while it’s more money than I’d usually pay, it’s definitely going to last me. I even has little pouches on the inside so I can shove random notes in as I go. I think the most simple, yet useful part for me is literally just the date section. I get so lost as I write things that it takes me forever to find it all again, so this will be an absolute LIFE SAVER.

Passport Case and Luggage Tag


Now these, I am so excited to use. Not only are they totally Instagram worthy, but will make travel so much easier for me. I’m terrible with my passport. We store them in a box with my parents’ and it makes it so much easier to find mine. Plus it’ll protect from spillages like the Orange Juice Incident of ’11. And it’s pink and rose gold and brings out my super fun girly side. And the luggage tag. It’s FLORAL. Plus it appeals to my blogger side. Not only does it have the standard return address section on it, but also space for your emailΒ and Twitter handle, so you’re really really contactable. So useful and super modern considering I am on Twitter a LOT. Since I’ve got a few getaways planned this year already, watch this space so see it in action.

I managed to find this stash in House of Frazer where you can find this and more here. Or, you can find their full website and more collections here. While they may be a bit pricey, to me the quality makes it totally worth it. And it’s JUST SO FUN.




  1. January 29, 2017 / 9:07 pm

    Love a stationery haul! Some great choices here πŸ™‚

  2. January 29, 2017 / 9:07 pm

    Oh my gosh how absolutely stunning are these! I can see why you went for these. The passport case and tag is my favourite by far! So lovely. I’m so glad you don’t care they question your pencils because they are lovely!

    Jordanne ||

    • January 29, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      Thank you Jordanne! I’m definitely getting some use out of them all! x

  3. January 29, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    I am a massive stationary fan. These items are beautiful! Defo going to have to check the brand out. Lovely post xo

    • January 29, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      You really should! They have so much variety, you’ll definitely find something you love!

  4. January 29, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    Oh that monthly planner is gorgeous, as are the compliment pencils! I love paperchase too, but definitely going to check out! You can never have enough stationary!

    • January 29, 2017 / 9:59 pm

      That’s what I tell myself every time I buy more haha!

  5. January 29, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    omgggg loveee!!! I was eyeing the pencils on ASOS! They are so so cute and perfect for your desk! Everything else is gorgeous!! love it xox

  6. January 29, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    Thanks for a great review – I love the compliment pencils so much! Will have to try and find them in my local store xx

  7. January 29, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Omg I love those compliment pencils, if I went into a stationary store I would have to be escorted out at closing time haha. I’m obsessed with stationary and notebooks, your haul is amazing makes me want to go out and buy stuff πŸ™‚

    • January 29, 2017 / 10:00 pm

      You should go and buy! I get it, I spend way too long in stationary shops! x

  8. January 29, 2017 / 9:22 pm

    I definitely need a planner because I am such a mess. Really, so disorganized and confused with dates. The compliment pencils remind me of when I was in primary school. Such a great period! Nice stationery haul! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

    • January 29, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      Thank you Corinne! I’m so disorganised too, but it really helps!xx

  9. January 29, 2017 / 9:23 pm

    Oh these are gorgeous! I’m a fellow stationery addict and have to limit by trips into Paperchase – this looks like another I’m going to have to ration trips to the website for

    • January 29, 2017 / 10:04 pm

      Paperchase must love me, the amount of my money they seem to have! x

  10. January 29, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    I love paperchase stuff, I need to get me some of those Complement Pencils after reading this πŸ˜€

  11. January 29, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    These are all stunning! I am addict to stationery and this is fulling my addiction! I have never heard of, I am definitely going to check them out. My favourite is the Complement Pencils, they are soo unique and special. This is a great post lovely, thank-youu for introducing me to

    Gemma |

    • January 29, 2017 / 10:13 pm

      You are completely welcome! We’re all stationary addicts in this game! x

  12. January 29, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    These are all so beautiful! Stationary these days are all so aesthetically pleasing haha. You would almost feel bad using them! Great post. Love, Larice

    • January 29, 2017 / 10:13 pm

      It definitely took me a while to use them, but I got there eventually!

  13. Kayleigh Zara
    January 29, 2017 / 9:46 pm

    The compliment pencils are so cute! I absolutely love them, also really love the planner x

  14. Ioanna
    January 29, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    Love the notepad!! I usually use random notepad I find here and there, but this is so much better!

    Ioanna |

    • January 29, 2017 / 10:14 pm

      I do that too, I have so many, but I’m determined to have it all in one place!

  15. January 30, 2017 / 4:08 am

    WOW they look awesome!
    Such pretty stationary! <3

  16. January 30, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    I LOVE this post! Everytime a blogger posts a stationary haul I am tempted to make a trip to kiki k. I’ve seen this brand around and it is just SOO tempting <3

    • January 30, 2017 / 12:06 pm

      Thank you so much! I know, as soon as I saw them I was like I NEED THEM

  17. January 30, 2017 / 2:01 pm

    OMG this stuff is gorgeous!! What a great post – I am going to have to check them out now πŸ™‚ x

  18. January 30, 2017 / 3:52 pm

    I am in love with that passport case!! Might have to treat myself to one on payday! Great post x

    • January 30, 2017 / 3:56 pm

      Thank you lovely! It’s so nice isn’t it? 😍 x

  19. January 31, 2017 / 11:10 pm

    Oh I love a good stationary haul! has the cutest stuff ever!

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