Weekly Trivia #11

What a BUSY week. It’s been a really really good one though, because right now, I am in Paris, the City of Light, the height of romanticism and instagrammableness (that is totally a word. If it isn’t, it should be.)

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind actually, because my to-do list has been about a mile long. And I haven’t felt like I’ve been getting my way through it. Does anyone else get that? When you’re really busy doing SO much stuff, but it doesn’t really feel like you’re achieving anything? Yeah, that.

Last weekend we were pretty chill, yet rather expensive. First thing Saturday morning (9am is far too early to go out on the weekend) we went to have a browse at some cars. Lo and behold, the first car I look at, I fall instantly in love with. Massively upgrading from my family heirloom 14 year old Toyota Corolla, I’m now the proud owner of a kind-of young Ford Fiesta. Did I mention it’s BRIGHT RED?

After that, Joe and I filled up on a killer breakfast courtesy of my nan (smashing breakfasts, guys) and headed into Reading to pick up a few bits of jewellery that you will definitely see in my upcoming Paris look book (so glad I trained Joe as my photographer) and obviously another Urban Decay product to add to my collection, which will also be featured in an upcoming UD haul. EXCITING.


Sunday afternoon we decided we’d have a cupcake decorating competition because we’re a cute couple like that. Well. We were cute until SOMEONE decided to sabotage the cupcakes. He’ll say that I was the sabotuer, but it was definitely him. They turned out…interesting?

Work has been a total whirlwind, since I’m off work today, I’ve had to fit five days worth of work into four hours. Which would have worked perfectly, until I took another half day off to go pick up my car. But oh well. BECAUSE I HAVE A CAR AGAIN.

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