Blogger’s Recognition Award

Back at it again with the REALLY late tags. May is a totally acceptable time to do the post you were tagged in in March… But thank you to the gorgeous Melissa for tagging me, it means a lot!

Since it’s a bit late, I’ll do what I did in my last tag post – This Time Next Year – and just keep this as a normal post. So lets get down to business!

How my blog started!

I started my blog a couple of years ago after I’d been travelling around for a while. I’d written everything in a journal and stuck photos in it, but I thought “why not make it so people can actually see it?” And then Going Places and Doing Stuff was born, because I was doing exactly that. I slowed down with my blogging when I stopped travelling as much – it’s hard to keep up a travel blog if you’re not going anywhere. So about six months later I came back deciding it’d be about whatever I wanted it to be – and I’ve been loving it since!

Advice for new bloggers!

Don’t be afraid to show off what you do! I know that when I first started blogging, the idea of sharing any of my blog on social media was an absolute NIGHTMARE for me. Twitter and Instagram are seriously your best friend, they’re amazing for blogging (maybe not Instagram so much anymore, we all know about that). But you should really be proud of what you do – not everyone can do it, but you can!

Another piece of advice is to not expect everything at once. It might start out a bit quiet at first, but you’ll get out there and get to know people eventually, and they’ll start getting to know you too!

Thank you so much Melissa for nominating me, sorry that it’s RIDICULOUSLY late, but it was fun!


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  1. May 21, 2017 / 5:29 pm

    Congratulations on the award lovely! xx I so agree with your blogging advice <3

  2. May 21, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    What a fun idea for a tag! I think that’s great that you turned something you actively do in your life, travelling, into a blog! And I couldn’t agree more, social media is CRUCIAL for your blog to grow!

  3. Congratulations for the award; It is a really nice tag. Sharing is actually what lead us into blogging and it is such a good reason. Like sharing what we love, what we do, what we want to do. xx corinne

    • May 21, 2017 / 10:55 pm

      Thank you lovely! That’s such a lovely reason! xxx

  4. May 21, 2017 / 8:15 pm

    really interesting story to how you stated! and dont worry im rubbish at tags replying to haha

  5. May 21, 2017 / 8:16 pm

    I definitely agree with that last part. I try to tell myself not to expect too much and just go with the flow! Xx

  6. May 21, 2017 / 8:21 pm

    Congratulations on your award. I started blogging last year and the hardest part for me was starting my blog. Great pieces of advice for new bloggers.

    Steph x

  7. May 21, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    This is a great post!! Complelety agree with your advice for new bloggers xx

  8. May 21, 2017 / 9:35 pm

    I’m going to take your new bloggers advice into account as I’ve just started getting serious about blogging in November! This is a big help. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  9. Kayleigh Zara
    May 21, 2017 / 9:50 pm

    This is such a lovely tag and I really love your answers for advise for new bloggers x

    Kayleigh Zara

  10. May 21, 2017 / 9:55 pm

    Love the advice, it’s really true! Showcasing your skills is a wonderful part of blogging and everyone should be hella prous of what they do.

    Jordanne ||

  11. May 21, 2017 / 11:01 pm

    Congrats on the award. I’m loving the advice as it’s so true! I was so scared about sharing my blog posts on Facebook mostly for friends who probably hear me going on enough about dancing and makeup without having to read about it aswell but the feedback was so encouraging it spurred me on to keep going at it. Great post x

  12. May 21, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    I’m a new blogger and your advice was really good! Congrats on your award x

  13. May 22, 2017 / 5:11 pm

    I love this tag. I totally agree with your advice. I think that if you write about things that you feel passionate about you can’t go wrong. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  14. May 22, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    Great post! Was lovely to know a little more about you!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  15. May 22, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Congrats on the award, great blogging tips.

  16. May 22, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    Aah love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your advice!!

    Sarah | xx

  17. May 22, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    Your advice is really good- I’m a fairly new blogger and thought I occasionally feel like I’m writing to myself, I still love it. I’m writing about something I love which is all that matters! 🙂

  18. May 23, 2017 / 8:25 pm

    Congrats! I definitely need to learn with being more confident with sharing my content on Instagram and Twitter. I have a lot of old school friends on there who are a bit ignorant and not the nicest and I know full well they would find some problem with me sharing my passions…… I know I shouldnt let this bother me though! Great post xxxx

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