Weekly Trivia #24

Well doesn’t single life just suit me so well?

I have been one busy bee this week, and I’ll be honest, I’ve been f*cking loving it.

I said¬†last week¬†that I had no plans on Saturday and it’ll have been the first time in about four years that that’s happened and chances are I’d love it. And love it I did. I spent time with my grandparents, blogged and day drank on a sunny day. What gets better than that? It was well needed after the stress of my Friday night at the pub though – someone that I REALLY did not want to see or speak to was there, and decided that she needed to both see AND speak to me, despite many people telling her that maybe she shouldn’t. That probably would have been a lot nicer to deal with hadn’t I been stone cold sober.


Four years later and I’m still about the nuggets

After calming down, the rest of my week was filled to the max with friends and it has been FABULOUS. After shooting some outfit shots with Amber on Sunday (followed by a quick McDonalds), I decided that me and a friend would go cow tracking. Which was an absolute failure because the cows apparently just aren’t there anymore. So after getting a load of abuse from Tom regarding the sheer lack of cows, we drowned our sorrows in ice cream, which was pretty great anyway.


On Monday I went for a nice lil Wagamama’s with my old manager Shane, who filled me in on ALL the gossip that’s been going down over the last few months and OH MY GOD IT WAS GOOD. This was followed by a trip to the pub (again) with a few of my old school friends to mend one of their broken, unrequited hearts. Oh to be young and in love again.


The rest of the week had an air of sadness to it after the tragedies of Monday night. The stress of it actually brought back my Vertigo, which meant I ended up sat at home with the news, which doesn’t help matters. I’m unbelievably thankful for the community I’m in the blogosphere, with nothing but love and acceptance for everyone and anyone, regardless or creed, colour or religion.


Yesterday I went on a … date. I’m not hyperventilating, you are. What’s the etiquette of Topgolf for a date? Do you let them win so they can feel all manly, or absolutely smash them? Because I did the latter. On such a nice day too, surely it’s criminal to have to spend weather like this sat in an office?

But oh well, because I’m going back tonight with old manager Shane and I can tell I really won’t do so well this time.

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  1. May 28, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    A daaaaaatteee!!! Wooooo!! It is all about the nuggets, for sure xx

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