Acre 637 Cider in the Sun!*

So they lovely folk at Acre 637 sent me a couple of bottles for me to have a try, which perfectly suited me while we FINALLY slid into summer. Well, for about 20 minutes until the sun went back in. But at least I can pretend. I cracked these open while taking some blog photos in the sun (which is a terrible idea to be honest, but I made it work) (after I finished the second bottle the photos weren’t that great, these bottles are 500ml each. SERIOUSLY GENEROUS BOTTLES.)


Hidden away somewhere in the countryside of Herefordshire, these lil cider specialists have been working away creating some craft ciders with rare varieties of apples to create some lovely artisan ciders for a fresh and unique taste.


While I’m used to either totally dry ciders or some proper girly fruity ciders, these were a nice change, perfect for some Saturday afternoon drinking. It’s sweet and mellow, apparently because of all the extra sun Herefordshire gets (who knew?!), perfect with ice for that extra hit of refreshment.  Now we’re in June, which should be summer (I’m looking at you, today’s torrential downpour) it’s time to dust of the barbecue and if you’re looking for any light refreshment, look no further.

To keep an eye out for what those lovelies at Acre 637 are doing, you can find their InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

*items were gifted but all opinions are my own.

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