Two Months Later…

Oh hasn’t it been a whirlwind. I’d been doing SO WELL with consistency and BAM I hit the wall and the camel’s back broke.

I don’t even know where to start with quite what’s gone on – THERE’S BEEN TOO MUCH. I’ve been back in the dating game, I’ve been on holiday, I’ve been smashing work, I’ve been reunited with my friends for the summer and now it’s all started calming down. While this has been the best summer in at LEAST four years, what a bloody relief.

So let’s start with the main things that have been going on:

My friends came back from uni

God I have never been so happy to reconnect with this mental lot. I’ve had a bad habit of disappearing, especially with things I have experienced in my life over the last year, but I’ve stopped hiding, much to the surprise of a few of my longest friends. Shit friend alert – hello that’s me. A lot of them don’t know why I disappeared, but I’m sure as time goes on I’ll begin to tell them, I’m even considering writing a post about it – it would be my most personal to date. BUT, all deep and serious stuff aside, we’ve had some great times, and I’ve seen them more times over this summer than I have in years, finishing at Reading Festival this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED.


Speaking of Festivals…

Straight after getting back from my holiday (which I’ll get onto in a second) I headed straight to Community Festival in London for ONE DAY OF INDIE HEAVEN. Cue Fickle Friends, The Hunna, Nothing But Thieves, The Wombats and CATFISH AND THE BLOODY BOTTLEMEN. Despite suffering from quite a substantial injury (which will also be included in our holiday chat) it was SUCH a good day that it gave me back the taste for gigs.

So a few weeks later I buy tickets for six more gigs for the rest of the year and buy a last minute ticket to Reading festival. GET IN.


I’ve been on holiday!

So after my rather dramatic breakup with ~ the ex ~ I took our holiday for my own, and changed his name on the tickets to that of my best friend Amber, and what a week it was. Everything was stunning, the people were lovely, the staff were hypnotised by Ambs’ mermaid hair and I ate more food than I’ve ever consumed in one week. My first girly holiday and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Except maybe getting drunk, falling off a wall and severely spraining my ankle, ready for Community Fest a few days later. FANTASTIC. But we still got some incredible photos and lived in the lap of luxury before returning to the cold and misery of England and work.


Back in the dating game?

Being single for the first time in four years was definitely interesting at first. A slight shock to the system if I’m honest. But after a few weeks, I realised that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. So first things first, straight back on Tinder. Nothing like Tinder for a bit of a confidence boost. In the last few months, I’ve been on a fair few dates, always knowing that it’s been in my best interest to stay single, but that’s no reason not to have fun right? Who knows what the future holds, but I’m so happy that I know that I’m happy on my own. Honestly, I’m infuriatingly independent…


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